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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Big Day...

is almost here! I'm leaving TOMORROW!!!! I have so much stuff I have to fit in a little duffle bag....should be interesting. We're meeting at the airport tomorrow at 3pm. I can't believe I'm actually going...we've been in the dumb class for it for so long but now it's actually time to goooooo! Allison lent me some books for the plane: Big Fish and Franny & Zooey. She says that they are two of her favorites, and I always listen to what Al says about books. We always like and dislike the same ones.

I think I may actually run on the treadmill today. I haven't exercised in....4 days. WOW. Yes, I WILL run on the treadmill today.

Also: I'm hanging out with Joy, Allison, and Amanda today for a while. It's nice that I get to see them before I leave because when I get back I have a week before OnGoal. It will be cool to talk with them a bit and find out what's going on in their lives.



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